What a great day!

icteduLooking back at last Tuesday I am very proud and happy. We had a flawless Education Day, didn’t we? In this post I’d like to share a few of my personal highlights. I attended a very interesting session by Antonios Zagaris (lecturer Mathematics). And I would like to reflect on the UTQ Ceremony.

Zagaris’ quest for the perfect solution

Antonios Zagaris shared with us his personal quest for innovating his course segments on the subject of Calculus for his students. I am not going to repeat or summarize his talk here. I would just like to point out here that he tried at least 4 or 5 different approaches of recording video whereby mathematical formulas should come out readable for the student. The picture summarizes this quest and the technologies used there. It was not a simple solution, because of limitations in the hard- and software used. And Antonios is still not satisfied with where he is right now. He is one the many lecturers at our university that are pushing the limits of technology for education. These are the colleagues for which I would go the extra mile! I found it so much fun to work with him. I hope he inspired some of the other persons present in his session.

UTQ – words of thanks

During the UTQ ceremony I was really positively surprised. Ofcourse I liked the singing cabaret duo (which was really great!). But some of the words of thanks by the lecturers receiving the certificate really striked me. They were so grateful for the help they received from my colleagues of the Onderwijskundige Dienst / Educational Services. What a positive vibe I felt in the room at that moment. I sincerely hope I was not the only one.

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