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28 May 2019 | expertise, leren, Nederlands, Onderwijsinnovatie, TELT | No Comments

Wytze Koopal

Aangenaam! En leuk dat u hier bent. Mijn naam is Wytze Koopal. Deze website is mijn persoonlijke logboek van interessante ervaringen en inzichten. Lees gerust verder. Inzet van ICT bij en voor onderwijs en leren is waar ik goed in ben. Ik ben hier dagelijks mee bezig bij mijn werkgever, de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Enkele kernbegrippen: online courses, MOOC, blended learning, technology enhanced learning and teaching (TELT), e-learning, social learning, informeel leren, formatieve toetsing, peer feedback, digitale video, open badges.

Watching an instructional video (even if it is a short one) is quite passive. This might not lead to the best possible learning result for a student. But there’s is solution for more actively engaging students with a video. This can be done with what we call interactive video.HiHaHo logo At the University of Twente we have recently done some research into possibilities of interactive video. (more…)

NS Groningen

Earlier this month (5 sept 2017) I paid a visit to the conference “Blockchain in Education”. This was held in Groningen. These are my observations from this interesting event.

Packed programme

The morning session was packed with (short) plenary presentations. In the afternoon we could attend two so-called dialog sessions that could be chosen from a whole list. My guess is that there were around 250 visitors altogether, whereby it seemed to me that people representing educational institutions were a minority in this group. There were a lot of (regional) entrepreneurs and students. Groningen is also the host city of the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, which might be an explanation for this.

I am not going to describe the sessions that I visited. Instead I’d like to answer two questions here, based on what I’ve read while preparing my visit to the conference, and what I’ve learned at the conference. (more…)

Peter-Paul Verbeek

You might have seen it in my Twitter timeline in the last weeks. From november 2016 onwards I have been working with a great team to design and produce a free online course on the Philosophy of Technology. This course will be launched on 29 May 2017. Please check out the trailer video to hear from professor Peter-Paul Verbeek what this course is all about and why should join!

If you want to join this course, you can do so at the FutureLearn website.

Bett show 2017

13 February 2017 | Activerende werkvormen, beurs, English, TELT | No Comments

Last month the Bett show (the British Educational Training and Technology Show) was held in London (UK). I joined a studytrip from SURF. We were with a group of around 25 collegueas from across the country. There were colleagues from SURF, University of Leiden, Hanzehogeschool, ROC van Amsteram, Graafschap College and Hotelschool The Hague, amongst others.

The Bett show was quite an experience. I was there for 2 full days, and still didn’t see everything (and I came prepared with about ten things that I wanted to see).


TELT Team 2016

6 January 2017 | English, expertise, Onderwijsinnovatie, Project, TELT | No Comments

Since a couple of years my employer is the University of Twente. Since january 2016 I work in a team that we call the TELT team. TELT is short for Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching. We work closely together with and for our lecturers on innovating their teaching methods and improving their student’s learning. The TELT team is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in online learning, flipped classroom, video for education and more. (more…)

Four weeks

10 September 2015 | English, expertise, oer, Onderwijsinnovatie, opencontent, Project, TELT | No Comments

In 4 weeks time the University of Twente will launch the first free online course. In the course you will learn about Ultrasound. Ultrasound is an easy and quick technique to visualize structures inside the human body. It can only be correctly performed when users have a profound knowledge of the underlying technology. And this is where the course focuses on, on the technical as well as the medical aspects of ultrasound.

Please join this course if you are interested in learning more on ultrasound. Register for free on Futurelearn.

Through a pointer from my colleague Frank van den Berg I would like to share with our readers what is called Calibrated Peer Feedback:

” Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) is a web-based, instructional tool that enables frequent writing assignments in any discipline, with any class size, even in large classes with limited instructional resources. In fact, CPR can reduce the time an instructor now spends reading and assessing student writing. ” (source) (more…)

Bericht in Technisch Weekblad

20 November 2014 | Onderwijsinnovatie, Project, TELT | No Comments

Vorige week is er een Arbeidsmarktspecial van het Technisch Weekblad verschenen. Hierin staat ook een artikel over MOOC’s. Ik ben ten behoeve van dit artikel telefonisch geïnterviewd, en enkele quotes van mij zijn opgenomen in het artikel MOOCs: hoger onderwijs voor iedereen (PDF).

Het artikel is niet online te vinden op de website van Technisch Weekblad, tenzij je abonnee bent. Technisch Weekblad is een weekblad voor jonge technici en ingenieurs. Als je jonger dan 30 jaar bent, kun je je gratis abonneren. (“Technisch Weekblad is hét weekblad voor iedereen die op de hoogte wil blijven van trends, toepassingen en ontwikkelingen in techniek en innovatie.“)