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NS Groningen

Earlier this month (5 sept 2017) I paid a visit to the conference “Blockchain in Education”. This was held in Groningen. These are my observations from this interesting event.

Packed programme

The morning session was packed with (short) plenary presentations. In the afternoon we could attend two so-called dialog sessions that could be chosen from a whole list. My guess is that there were around 250 visitors altogether, whereby it seemed to me that people representing educational institutions were a minority in this group. There were a lot of (regional) entrepreneurs and students. Groningen is also the host city of the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, which might be an explanation for this.

I am not going to describe the sessions that I visited. Instead I’d like to answer two questions here, based on what I’ve read while preparing my visit to the conference, and what I’ve learned at the conference. (more…)