Leeuwarden en Groningen

Sinds eind februari woon ik in Leeuwarden, de plaats waar ik ook opgegroeid ben. Er is hier veel veranderd sinds ik vertrok in 1987 voor mijn studie. Maar het voelt inmiddels wel echt als thuis. De reis naar mijn werkplek in Groningen is te doen. Het is zeker geen fietsafstand :-), maar het is goed te doen. Op 1 maart 2019 ben ik dus gestart in mijn nieuwe baan bij de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG). Ik[…]

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Muntgebouw in Utrecht

Peer feedback tools

Last week I visited the Challenge Day that SURFnet organizes on a yearly basis. I was quite a few years that I was present at such a day. On the challenge day we challenge software vendors to show what they can offer for us. The Challenge Day was held at the Muntgebouw in Utrecht (see the picture). There were two parallel tracks at this Challenge Day. Track one as focused on how the modular digital[…]

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Interactive video revisited

Watching an instructional video (even if it is a short one) is quite passive. This might not lead to the best possible learning result for a student. But there’s is solution for more actively engaging students with a video. This can be done with what we call interactive video. At the University of Twente we have recently done some research into possibilities of interactive video.

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NS Groningen

Blockchain in Education

Earlier this month (5 sept 2017) I paid a visit to the conference “Blockchain in Education”. This was held in Groningen. These are my observations from this interesting event. Packed programme The morning session was packed with (short) plenary presentations. In the afternoon we could attend two so-called dialog sessions that could be chosen from a whole list. My guess is that there were around 250 visitors altogether, whereby it seemed to me that people[…]

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Bett show 2017

Last month the Bett show (the British Educational Training and Technology Show) was held in London (UK). I joined a studytrip from SURF. We were with a group of around 25 collegueas from across the country. There were colleagues from SURF, University of Leiden, Hanzehogeschool, ROC van Amsteram, Graafschap College and Hotelschool The Hague, amongst others. The Bett show was quite an experience. I was there for 2 full days, and still didn’t see everything (and[…]

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